• Lake Charles Parents Deserve More!   

    Lake Charles Parents Deserve More!  

    At Lake Charles College Prep School at Lake Charles, our team works side-by-side with your child to prepare for college, career and real life. We are creating the...

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  • Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    Because you expect more for your child! Our campus in Lake Charles will provide a variety of specialty programs including technology, art, music, foreign language...

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Apply Today for the 2015-2016 school year | Call 337-419-2868 or Email info@lakecharlescollegeprep..org

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We are the Trailblazers

A Trailblazer will be the mascot for the new Lake Charles College Prep. Trailblazers clear a path for others to follow. Trailblazers go where no one else has gone. As the first new public high school to open in the area in 43 years, the students, parents, and staff truly are TRAILBLAZERS.

Red [courage, passion], Gold [success, wealth], and Silver [light, illumination] have been chosen as school colors.